PhotoBump - Convert 2D pics/drawings to 3D About

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Brush Size:

Use WASD keys to move around and mouse (Or VR to look around)

Load Presets

Colombian Bar
Thailand Parrot
Thailand Cafe Ao Nang

Need help using your result? Save the contents of the generated box and contact andrewvee on the A-Frame Slack


This is a very beta tool that let's you load a photo, then draw on it to create depth. There are 3 modes, listed below. For a simple use case or trying it out, raise and deepen are fun to play with, but they will quickly change the Z value and warp the photo.

Once you've played with or updated the "drawing," use the Generate button to update the scene. The play/pause button under the rendering stop aframe from updating.


Code on Glitch

Upcoming or Desired Changes/Fixes